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Email to Staff - October 19, 2018

Good afternoon everyone,

Last Friday I wrote of believing, imagining and dreams.  Yes, dreams. I wrote of how I expect Rutland City Public Schools to be recognized as a World Class Education System that achieves tremendous outcomes for every member of our family. I asked that you imagine what that looks and feels like.

So how do we get there? How do we become a strong family? How do we become a stronger community? How do we treat each other with compassion? How do we develop our community into a strong equitable community? Regardless of how we get there, we get there together!!

We work together, encouraging each other to take risks.  We work to improve on a system that already has many great qualities.  We improve and become the best World Class Education System that exists.

We need to create a system:

  • based on equity not equality;
  • where each student receives the resources and educational opportunities they need to thrive;
  • that is inclusive of each member regardless of where we come from;
  • where it doesn’t matter who our parents are or not what title anyone may hold;
  • where a student’s success is not predicted nor predetermined by characteristics such as race, ethnicity, religion, family economics, class, geography, disability, language, gender, sexual orientation or initial proficiencies;
  • that is student centered;
  • that provides high quality curriculum and academic rigor;
  • that has collaborative administrators and great teachers;
  • that offers exceptional programs, extracurricular activities and support services for every student to enable them to succeed;
  • that is designed for students to achieve their best;
  • that embraces innovation;
  • that incorporates and embraces student voice;
  • to develop opportunities for reflection and growth;
  • that disrupts any inequitable practices that may exist, acknowledges biases and employs practices that reflect the reality where ALL students will learn; and
  • that creates inclusive multicultural environments for adults and children alike.

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