Adam Taylor Letter 2018-2019

Dear Rutland City Schools Students, Parents, Staff and Community Members,

I am honored and excited to have been selected as your Superintendent of Rutland City Public Schools. One of the primary reasons I chose to accept this position is the commitment you have to cultivating a passionate, diverse and resilient community. That commitment can be seen through the success the students in your school district enjoy.

You have a nationally recognized high school and highly sought after elementary and middle schools. It is our job to ensure that we maintain the success you have enjoyed under retiring Superintendent Mary Moran and find ways to improve. It is my privilege to join you in that work.

To me, that work means that we must have a commitment to the idea that all students will learn and all students must learn. We should teach all kids like they are the one who will cure cancer. This doesn’t mean all students need to go to medical school, but we should teach all subjects and all classes as though they might. If our educators teach to that standard, we can change the trajectory of Rutland, Vermont, this nation and the world.  Read More….

My philosophy about education stems from my personal story and 23 years as a teacher, school leader and educator. I am the father of two teenage boys and experienced our system of education from all sides. I have been the Executive Director/ Regional Superintendent of the West Contra Costa Unified School District since 2012, where I have supported PreK-Adult Education. I assisted in the launch of several district wide programs to support African-American students interested in STEM. I also have had the pleasure of supporting 14 California Blue Ribbon schools and two California Distinguished schools. Prior to West Contra Costa, I served as a principal of Brookfield Village Elementary in the Oakland Unified School District.

I received a Master of Arts in Education from Patten University in Oakland and a Bachelor of Arts from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA.

When a school leader joins a new community, he or she might roll out a 100-day plan that is filled with ambitious goals and lots of changes. My plan for the first 100 days is pretty simple–listen and learn so that I can get to know the people and institutions in the community. Building relationships is the key to building the trust necessary for success. I will be out in the community   and at our schools on a daily basis; feel free to say ” hi” and share with me what’s on your mind.

Looking forward to our journey together.

In Service,

Adam Taylor Superintendent

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