Email to Staff – 2/15/19 – Relevance

Good afternoon, Last week I wrote about the final phase of rigor and what that involves. As the two previous phases point out, it is not simply to teach and expect students to learn. The final phase is the assessment … Continued

Email to Staff 2/8/19 – Rigor 3

February 8, 2019 Good afternoon, Last week I wrote about the second phase of academic rigor where educators identify methods of supporting rigorous achievement. I asked the question of what exactly does that mean? I went on to explain that … Continued

Congratulations Stafford Technical Center!

Stafford Technical Center, for the fourth year in a row, wins in the video portion of the 2019 Visual Media-Entrepreneurship Education Competition sponsored by VT Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC). Our students also took second place in bumper sticker design.  Congratulations … Continued

Email to Staff 2/1/2019 – Rigor 2

Good afternoon, Last week I wrote about the first phase of academic rigor is that of setting the standard. To be clear we teach standard mastery using various curricular tools.  These tools may include, but not be limited to, prescribed … Continued

Tapestry Family Night Magic Show

Tapestry Family Night Magic Show On the afternoon of Wednesday, January 23, 2019 the six Tapestry Programs (Rutland Intermediate, Northwest, Northeast, Rutland Town, West Rutland and Proctor Elementary Schools) celebrated Tapestry Family Night.  The Tapestry staff, children and families enjoyed a … Continued

Email To Staff – 1/25/19 – Rigor

January 25, 2019   Good afternoon, Last week I wrote about colleagues that are taking risks that provide tremendous benefits for students.  These amazing educators not only take risks they incorporate student voice.  They integrate technology into their instruction. Additionally, … Continued

School-Community Safety Night

Rutland City Public Schools and the Rutland City Police Department Invites our Families and the Community To Our Second School-Community Safety Night Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 5:30 PM at the Rutland Intermediate School Auditorium on Library Avenue Click HERE … Continued

Email to Staff 1/18/19 – Risk Takers

January 18, 2019 Good afternoon, Last week I wrote of taking risks and making mistakes. I shared that it’s important to make mistakes but even more important to learn from the mistakes we make. I also shared that as Superintendent … Continued