Teacher Leaders 2018

Our teacher leaders met on August 22nd, 2018 to work together across grades K-12.  Our big theme was “Equity” which supports our RCPS Mission, “Every Student, Every Day”. Mr. Rob Bliss, Assistant Superintendent led a cheer to celebrate the great … Continued

Adam Taylor Letter 2018-2019

Dear Rutland City Schools Students, Parents, Staff and Community Members, I am honored and excited to have been selected as your Superintendent of Rutland City Public Schools. One of the primary reasons I chose to accept this position is the … Continued

Tapestry RIS Summer 2018 Swimming

RIS Tapestry students cool off during the hot summer weather. Students learn to kayak, build sandcastles and practice swimming. Through Tapestry students can leave the city and enjoy the lake during the dog days of summer.  

EPIC Summer 2018 and the Arts

Liana Wu shows off her Mosaic that was made during summer EPIC at the Carving Studio ​Calvin Herrick works on stained glass at the Carving Studio in West Rutland during summer EPIC Completed Mosaic pieces by Rutland Middle School students … Continued

EPIC Summer 2018 Cooking Opportunities

Anthoney Horton makes a snack before headed out to a State Park for the day. ​Jaziah Ritchie shows off  yellow rice made during summer EPIC camp Livin’ La Vida Latina Cooking Mykenzie Longley and Malita Galiano prepare food for an … Continued

EPIC Summer 2018 Fun!

​Charity White and Camryn Gilbert-Wade read lyrics to the songs they performed during The Voice! ​Olivia Gilespie plays mini-golf at Mendon Mini Golf and Snack Bar during EPIC Day’s of Summer

STC Summer 2018 Construction Camp

Our summer programs are in full swing!  At Stafford students are learning about Construction in this hands on summer camp. Construction Camp introduces current 7th and 8th grade students to the local construction trades industry. Jeff Fowler (Construction Technology instructor at Stafford Technical Center), … Continued