Bosnich Named Certified Welding Inspector by American Welding Society

Antone Bosnich,  Power Mechanics & Welding Instructor, Stafford Technical Center, recently received the American Welding Society’s Certified Welding Inspector designation. Bosnich spent two weeks of summer attending classes at the Hobart Institute in Troy, Ohio. The Hobart Institute is also a certified testing facility for the AWS exam.  This certification allows Bosnich to evaluate welding students and adults for certifications and further education.

Bosnich, who teaches a carefully-sequenced workforce development curriculum in the evening division Stafford Welding School, now has the capability to provide certification testing services to his students. This service had been subcontracted to a Certified Welding Inspector based in Chittenden County. In earning this valuable credential, Bosnich will be able to not only evaluate the welding skills of his own students, he will be in a position to deliver this specialized contract service to welding professionals currently working in the field. Plans are already underway to develop and offer an advanced welding certification prep class for new and advanced welding professionals to get them ready to take the certification examination of their choice with Bosnich.      

The AWS program promotes industry-wide competency standards through a uniform national program. Credentialed individuals must successfully complete a three part exam that covers the purpose of welding inspection to determine if a weldment meets the acceptance criteria of a specific code, standard, or other document. The welding inspector must be thoroughly familiar with welding processes, welding procedures, welder qualifications, materials, the limitation of weld testing, be able to read drawings, prepare and keep records, prepare and make reports, and make responsible judgments.

Bosnich has been teaching at Stafford Technical Center since 2013 and enjoys hiking and beekeeping in his free time.