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RCPS Admins at 2st Annual Vermont Educator Fair

Representatives from the Rutland City Public Schools Leadership Team attended the 1st Annual Vermont Educator Fair in search of highly qualified and talented staff to join our school community. Pictured left to right:  Christy Coloutti, Principal, Rutland Northwest Primary School, Patricia Aigner, Director of Instructional Technology, Pam Reed, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Bill Olsen, Superintendent of Schools, and Greg Schillinger, Principal, Rutland High School.

Graphic for RCPC Worksite

Rutland City Public Schools is honored to have been selected to receive a 2023 Vermont Governor’s Award for Excellence in Worksite Wellness, presented by the Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports in partnership with the Vermont Department of Health.

“The Annual Worksite Wellness Award creates a standard of excellence for worksite wellness initiatives and recognizes Vermont employer’s efforts to enhance productivity, bolster a healthy environment and improve employee wellbeing,” says Mark Levine, Vermont Department of Health Commissioner.


Kids at Lunch

Rutland City Public Schools, and our entire community, depends heavily on funding
based on income data. We are seeking your help in creating accurate data.

The state of Vermont enacted a law that all schools must collect and organize
household income data. That data is used by the state to fund schools, student meals,
federal grants, and programming. School funding literally depends on accurate data
now. Will you please help? Complete this Household Income Form. Please complete this form online or print a pdf copy HERE.

Every family should Fill the Form: 100 % accurate data provides our schools with the
most accurate allotment of funding.