Email to Staff – December 14, 2018 – Blessing

December 14, 2018

Good afternoon,

Today, I reflect on the blessing it is to be Superintendent of Rutland City Public Schools.   I realize just how blessed I am for this opportunity.  I am blessed to work with so many wonderful and caring educators (remember everyone in this organization is an educator).  I feel tremendously blessed with the privilege of leading this great organization! This blessing is not something I take lightly.

As we prepare to take a much needed and deserved break, I want to simply thank each and every employee of RCPS for supporting Every Student, Every Day! I want to thank you for your commitment to one another. I want to thank you for your service and commitment to the entire community. Thank you for being givers of yourself for the benefit of others.

Giving is truly a gift! The gift of giving is available to everyone, yet everyone does not commit to giving of themselves. They don’t give their time, money or even love. It is my belief that we are blessed to be blessings to others.  You all have demonstrated that you are definitely blessings for others!  So during the break make a commitment to yourself to bless someone else.

Your blessing doesn’t have to be monetary.  Bless others by giving your time, or by serving at a shelter. Bless others by spending time in a retirement center. Bless others by giving to a charity of your choice. Bless someone by simply opening a door. Be a blessing by sharing a smile. Bless someone by calling that person you haven’t spoken with in a while but have been wondering how they’re doing. Life is too short not to be a blessing to others. Finally, be a blessing to yourself.

Bless yourself by taking in a movie, with popcorn of course (homemade is my favorite).  Bless yourself with a hike or long walk (yes I know it’s hecka cold, but get out and move).  Go skiing or enjoy the winter activity of your choosing. Bless yourself by baking, shopping (shoes), traveling or whatever it may be.

Be sure to take time to enjoy family and friends. Laugh lots, eat much and be filled with joy.

Have a wonderful break, and I’ll resume writing about the direction that RCPS is going in the New Year.

Thanks for all you do for Every Student, Every Day!

In Service,

Adam Taylor, Superintendent of Schools

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