Email to Staff – January 4, 2019 – Happy New Year

January 4, 2019

Happy New Year,

Prior to the break, I reflected on the blessing it is to be Superintendent of Rutland City Public Schools.   Now with the New Year I reflect on the tremendous possibilities ahead for the remainder of this year.  We have many opportunities to continue to make tremendous differences in the lives of our students and each other. Opportunities to develop individual and collective capacity to better support Every Student, Every Day!

Just prior to the break, Rob Bliss and I attended a Project Vision meeting, reaching out to the greater community for their support. We reached out in order to develop what we are calling: Project Wrap Around: Life in the Middle to support our middle school scholars.  During a meeting earlier this week, Mrs. Janice Garrow, reminded me of the tremendous need to intervene with support at much earlier ages.

As a result, we will be developing a second community engagement initiative, Project Wrap Around: Strength is our Foundation to support all of our students in grades PK-6. We are definitely not ignoring the high school, but rather refocusing our energy, resources and commitments to support our foundation.  I am hopeful that our high school students will be able to participate in a variety of manners to support the development of the foundation.

At this time, we have created a survey for Project Wrap Around: Life in the Middle. The survey seeks information from community members in the following areas they are willing to support: greeter, end of day well-wisher, lunchtime company, mentor, tutor, recess support, class parent/grandparent, other.  We are additionally seeking information regarding talents or skills they may be able to share with our students. Whether they would like to start a club or provide an enrichment opportunity in the areas of coding, science finance, crafts or makers space. Please take this opportunity to share this with your family, friends and associates so we get the mass of community members that will allow this to be a tremendous success immediately and for years to come.

In addition, schools should continue the work of creating compassionate communities.  Compassionate communities are where students, staff, parents/guardians and community members are treated with respect, compassion and empathy. Places where we know everyone struggles at some point but are supported by each other to collectively find solutions. These communities work for and with kids to find collaborative solutions to challenges that our children face. Compassionate communities are places where kids learn empathy, conflict resolution and respect for one another, as well as academics, because the adults consistently teach and model said behaviors.

In this New Year, we must continue to focus on Every Student, Every Day by modeling expectations, taking risks, making mistakes and holding the collective accountable for Every Student, Every Day.

Thanks for all you do for Every Student, Every Day!

In Service,

Adam Taylor, Superintendent

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