Email to Staff – November 9, 2018

Email to Staff

November 9, 2018

Good afternoon,

Last Friday I wrote of the professional learning we will need, to continuously improve Rutland City Public Schools to be recognized as a World Class Education System that achieves tremendous outcomes for Every Student, Every Day. There is a trend in my message that we must be a system based on equity, not equality. A system that collaborates to meet everyone’s needs. A system where we continuously reflect, monitor, and expect great outcomes.  A system where we agree to disagree behind closed doors but are unanimous in our message in public.  A system that believes and lives the public fame and private shame mentality.

During the past week, I’ve had the privilege to sit and speak with many phenomenal educators.  All are excited to be able to serve our children and the community. They expressed the power and significance of collaborating with their peers. They spoke about the need to increase and align our district in an equitable manner.  How as a district we must constantly reflect, monitor and expect greatness. Then they began sharing their concerns.

They spoke about the immense amount of trauma that our students bring to school.  How many of our students don’t live in a traditional two parent home. That many live in poverty, are homeless, and suffer from a lack of food. They talked of how some, if not many, of our students are the wave of children born out of the opiate crisis.  They shared that this trauma often results in unwanted and unnecessary behaviors that show up in our schools and classrooms.

We talked about how everyone in our schools has to be on the same page when it comes to supporting our kids.  How we as the adults need to find ways to connect with all of our children.  We spoke of how we also need to be on the same page when it comes to supporting each other.  We talked about how we must bond into a tight knit family. A family that regardless of how they feel about each other rallies together in tough times. A family that a has one relative that everyone wishes wouldn’t show up at the family reunion, yet always does and everyone is glad they did.

So as we collect and analyze our data, we have to analyze our relationships.  It is our relationships that will make us stronger. Keep us committed one to another.  Give us the strength to endure whatever may come our way.  Provide us the wisdom and knowledge that will allow us to assist our children in developing the resiliency required for life-long success. It will be our relationships that allow us to make mistakes, take risks and fail as we work toward the dream of being a world class education system!

Have a great weekend!