Email to Staff – Why I Write

March 29, 2019

Good afternoon,

During this past week of reflection, I realized that I never told you why I write.  I don’t write to preach a message. I don’t write to make folks feel as if the work they are doing isn’t good enough. I don’t write because I know more than anyone, because I don’t.  I also don’t write to make people uncomfortable, self-conscious or feel anything other than the great people you all are.

I write weekly so that folks have an opportunity to get to know me a little bit. I write to provide information that is critically important to me as a parent and educator. I write to share topics that are critical to supporting my core beliefs. I write to share experiences, convey my beliefs and values.

I also write to provide educational information as I research ways to improve myself, support colleagues and improve outcomes for kids.  Every day I spend a portion of it reading articles from Education Weekly, ASCD, AASA, etc. looking at content that promotes educational outcomes. I also spend time participating in webinars or viewing videos. I try to share them in a manner that is supportive.

If you have suggestions for items to be researched or written please let me know. If the frequency of these writings should be monthly instead, please let me know.

Have a great weekend

Adam Taylor, Superintendent

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