Friday Message – June 7, 2019

June 7, 2019

Friday Message

As we rapidly approach then end of the year, we need to recognize the anxiety that permeates our schools. Our students are anxious for summer to begin. They are anxious about what summer will entail. Will they be able to attend the plethora of summer camps in the area? What will it be like to be home, possibly alone? What will they eat two if not three times a day? To whom do they turn for support and answers? Who will love them, regardless of what’s going on? What trauma may they be exposed to?

For us as educators, we may endure a similar level of anxiety. What will I do when school is out? Who will I go to find inspiration? How will I motivate myself to find ways to enrich each day? How will I fill each day with joy? What opportunities for self-exploration and growth are available to me? Will the lake be overrun with tourists? Will my favorite trail, fishing spot or golf course also be overrun with tourists? What do my family and friends expect of me as I have “free” time?

There are no easy answers to these questions. Just take time to reflect on the tremendous work accomplished this year. The differences made in the lives of children and each other.

I truly appreciate the great work our teachers and nurses do for Every Student Every Day!