FY 2018 Budget Information

FY 2018 Voter Brochure: COMING SOON. This short brochure discusses new ballot language, voting dates and locations, the budget, tax rates and school system accomplishments. See Three Years Prior Summaries for more current tax rate estimates.

Frequently Asked Questions FY ’18 Budget: These are Frequently Asked Questions about the finances of Rutland City Schools and education finance in Vermont from the Rutland City School Board. This piece generally explains how education taxes work and discusses common questions people have. If you would like additional information, please call the school district offices at 786-1998. We will be pleased to answer any questions.

FY 2018 Rutland City Schools Budget This is a copy of the detailed FY 2018 budget to be voted on March 7, 2018.

FY18 Budget Account Key This is a key to account codes that make the budget document more understandable.  The account number format is based on legal requirements by the US  Department of Education and Vermont Agency of Education.

Three Years’ Prior Summaries  and FY ’18 Projected Tax Rates for Rutland City. — This is a summary of the past three years’ budgets provided by the state. They also contain a projected tax rate based on our budget. As of this writing the tax rate would be $1.5186, down about 4 cents from last year.

Comparative Data for Cost Effectiveness This information is prepared by the State and designed to compare the cost-competitiveness of schools that are comparable in size.  It does not include technical centers, such as Stafford.

State Data about Admin Costs This page is from the state’s computation of each supervisory union’s central administrative costs and school building administrative costs as a percentage of their total budgets.  Rutland City Schools have the lowest cost of all 62 supervisory unions for our central administration.   Our school building administrative costs are 7th lowest.

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