Learning 11/2/2018

Good afternoon,

Last Friday I wrote of the data that we will use as we work to continuously improve Rutland City Public Schools to be recognized as a World Class Education System that achieves tremendous outcomes for Every Student, Every Day. This will be a system based on equity not equality. I ask that we collaborate in this analysis, dig deep then think globally. This data will drive the professional learning of the district so that we are able to meet each student where they are and prepare them for college and career.

So what professional learning will we need? Who will provide us authentic and impactful professional learning? When will it occur? How will we ensure that all employees receive learning opportunities? How will we evaluate the learning that occurs to ensure it impacts student outcomes?

So let’s start with the who.  I will be looking to the experts within this organization to provide authentic and impactful professional learning opportunities.  The reason behind this is that you all have “blood in the game” and are committed to RCPS. I know we have experts in the areas of curriculum development, teaching English as a second language and trauma informed practices. I know this organization has individuals that can lead us in improving our MTSS delivery system, support social and emotional development and teach us how to live healthy lives. I know we have experts that can provide proper technique for mopping and waxing schools, driving buses and supporting students from a para-educator perspective. I know you ALL are out there and ready and willing to take the call to teach us, and know that I want to learn.

What professional learning do we need? I believe we need to learn how to teach English learners (that’s all of our children). I also believe we need to learn how to more efficiently and effectively collaborate. I believe we need to learn about the intersectionality of equity and how to ensure we have an equity based system.  As with any city in America we need to learn about trauma informed practices and how to effectively implement them.  I believe we need to learn how to better implement our MTSS tiers of practice. I believe we need to learn how to develop individualized curriculum to meet the individual needs of our students.  I know that we need to learn how to avoid implicit bias that occurs every day somewhere in our district. Finally, I believe that we need to learn how to support each other and love each other through every battle we encounter.

Our opportunities for professional learning will occur on an on-going basis.  Nothing will be a one shot wonder.  Professional learning will be videotaped and archived to ensure that we continuously have resources available to us.  To ensure we provide the same learning to new hires or for people who for whatever reason were not able to attend.  They will happen at our schools on a weekly or monthly basis.  They will be provided by central office. They may even be provided on our buses as we journey together to greater heights of greatness.

The evaluation of our learning will come in various forms.  From exit tickets at the end of learning experience to employee satisfaction surveys. We will evaluate our learning by analyzing our data. We will evaluate our learning by evaluating our children’s success.

We will be a world class education system!

Have a great weekend!