May 10, 2019 – Friday Message

May 10, 2019

As teacher appreciation week comes to a close I wanted to let you all know that we couldn’t be successful as an organization if not for the tremendous jobs our teachers do. We would not send so many students off from high school prepared at the level they are for college and career. Because of our teachers we send students to colleges, universities, technical centers, the armed forces and careers highly skilled and ready for immediate success. They are often prepared to shine above their peers that graduate from other high schools. Thanks to the planning, preparation and tenacity that our teachers bring every day, we can truly claim to be a great district that serves every student, every day.

As nurse appreciation week also comes to an end, I want our nurses to be recognized for how important they are to RCPS. Our nurses do so much more than just put band-aides on cuts and ice on bumps.  They provide love and care for our students and staff. They provide for early detection of vision, hearing, height, weight, blood pressure, spinal curvature and pediculosis problems. They are prepared to respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations. Thanks to their presence and preparation our schools are both safe and healthy. Without our nurses we wouldn’t meet the needs of every student, every day.

I truly appreciate the great work our teachers and nurses do for Every Student Every Day!

In Service,

Adam Taylor, Superintendent

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