May 3, 2019 – Friday Message

Friday Message

May 3, 2019

This week I’ve reflected on just how much I love my job. I so enjoy being a teacher and an educator. I truly am grateful for having taught for many years and made a difference in lives. I’m appreciative of my years spent as a principal, where I was able to empower others to truly be the greatest they could be. I’m forever indebted for the opportunity to serve as an Executive Director and Regional Superintendent. I believe these opportunities have prepared me for the greatest job of all, Superintendent of RCPS.

As RCPS Superintendent, I love the fact that I work for and with so many amazing people. A collection of education professionals that go well above and beyond the call of duty to make a difference in the lives of children. I love that I am able to witness greatness everywhere I go and every classroom I visit. I am always blown away by the talent of our employees. Talent that is immense, endless and often times unbelievable.

I love the fact that I stumbled into education 27 years ago and am now here. I love the great work the employees of RCPS do for Every Student Every Day!

In Service,

Adam Taylor, Superintendent

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