November 16, 2018 – Email to Staff

Email to Staff

November 16, 2018

Good afternoon,

Today, I reflect on my time as Superintendent of Rutland City Public Schools.   I realize just how grateful I am for this opportunity.  I am still humbled and honored by the decision the Board made in offering me the position.  I still feel that this privilege, is just that, a privilege! This opportunity is not something I take lightly.

I’m honored to serve approximately 2,000 students.  I’m flattered to work with nearly 500 wonderful, caring and loving adults.  I’m thrilled with the opportunity to serve in such an amazing community. I’m flattered by how welcoming and supportive everyone has been.  I truly am thankful for this tremendous blessing.

I’m thankful for the mistakes I’ve made already.  Those mistakes allow me to grow and develop as a leader. I’m excited knowing that I will make many more mistakes and will grow from each mistake.

I’m thankful for Cherie and Betty who are absolutely amazing assistants and even better people.  I’m thankful for Maryann and the support she provides Rob Bliss.  I’m thankful for Kristi, Bonnie, Janet, Jeri, Melissa and Sherri for the tremendous work in the Business Office.  I’m thankful for Stacia and Michelle for the support they provide the Support Services Office.  I’m thankful for Donna, Margaret and Rebecca for supporting the Epic and Tapestry programs.

I’m thankful for Peter Amons, Rob Bliss, Ellie McGarry, Michael Derevjanik, Patricia Aigner, Kate Bosnich and Peter McKenney for the commitment to Every Student, Every Day!

Finally, I’m thankful my son Joel moved here, at least for this year, to support me. I’m thankful for the RHS football team that embraced him. I’m thankful for my son Justin and so proud of him.

What are you thankful for?  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week!