Superintendent’s Message – April 26, 2019

Good Afternoon,

Through the course of this year I have had the pleasure of witnessing the phenomenal work of our support staff. From our committed clerical and administrative assistants. From our awesome paraprofessionals. From our unbelievable counselors, nurses, psychologists, physical and occupational therapists. From our incredible bus drivers and maintenance staff. Last but definitely not least our remarkable custodial staff.

In our schools, evidence reflects the dedication and perseverance of our adults. Throughout all of our schools you’ll find indications of how our non-teaching staff go well beyond their job descriptions to make sure students and staff receive the support they deserve. If you didn’t know you’ll find our clerical staff “running” our schools and offices. They are working to ensure that everyone’s needs are being supported, not simply answering phones.

In classrooms you’ll find our para-professionals working both individually and in small groups to provide academic support to students. Providing opportunities that support our teachers in ensuring the success of our children. They don’t simply hold our kids hands, but rather provide academic, social and emotional support.

In offices throughout the schools you’ll find our nurses tending to the ill and injured. Our counselors supporting children both in and out of class, socially, emotionally and academically.  Our psychologists doing much more than simply assessing kids for Special Education. You’ll find them in classrooms supporting students, teachers and staff. Our Occupational Therapists are forever hard at work with our students that receive their support. You may also find them collaborating with teacher to ensure students receive support in classrooms, when they aren’t present. Physical Therapists working with students or collaborating with teachers.

Throughout Rutland our bus drivers and maintenance professionals are hard at work very early in the morning. During winter they assist in determining snow days, plowing our parking lots and ice our sidewalks. Our bus drivers pick up our students and get them to school on time every day, then switch hats to support maintaining our facilities. They support landscapes, serve as electricians, carpenters and provide whatever other service is required to ensure we have high quality facilities.

Finally, our custodians. From Summer to Summer they are dedicated to keeping our facilities immaculate. Deep cleans begin when students and staff leave for the summer. Classrooms are swept and mopped on a regular basis, not to mention trash and recycling emptied to support the learning environments. And if you didn’t know it some of our custodians also play sports or participate in activities with our children.

Regardless of the positions that are non-teaching staff hold, they are critical to the success of our students. They are the glue that binds the fabric. The nuts and bolts that support the structure. They are amazing. Please take a moment to tell one of them how amazing they are!

They are definitely reflective of the great work the employees of RCPS do for Every Student Every Day!

In Service,

Adam Taylor, Superintendent

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