Superintendent’s Message – April 5, 2019

April 5, 2019

Good Afternoon,

Amazing example of great teaching and phenomenal learning. Over the past couple of weeks there have been so many phenomenal examples of great teaching and learning in RCPS that I have to write about them. Examples reflective of the work in our two primary schools. Examples from our intermediate school. Great examples that dispel the story that has rumbled through the community at the middle school. And all these examples are demonstrations of the excellence of our K-12 district.

In our K-2 primary schools, evidence reflects the dedication and perseverance of our adults. Throughout both schools you’ll find examples of writing, math and art. In classrooms kindergarteners are writing not just sentences but paragraphs. Students are engaged in learning using Chromebooks, to not just play games, but to read, learn math and study science. Students took to the outside garden for science lessons or made it to Spartan Arena for physical education activities.

Intermediate school students worked in small groups collaborating on book studies. Students having fun learning math with physical challenges embedded. Students worked independently on book reports, math lessons and science exploration. Students enjoyed a film after completing a book study to truly reflect on the reading and see empathy hard at work. Teachers interwove technology into students learning.

At our middle school students actively engaged in groups or worked independently to learn about King Henry VIII or WWII (I was informed that this was a student learning initiative). Students were discussing Bloody Mary. Great music permeated the air. Art connected with writing and presentation again demonstrated strong lesson planning and student engagement.

At Allen Street were working with wood and basic power tools to design and build small pieces of furniture. Students were engaged in integrated science learning through the raising of trout, that will eventually be released into nearby streams.  Students were engaged in robust conversations about “real world” life.

At Howe Center students were hard at work. They were learning science. Having adult conversations about life. Asking questions about what adult life is like. Focusing on completing the assignments they needed to complete. Engaging with each other so everyone succeeds.

Finally, at the high school there was STEM, Global Studies, Capstone Projects and the Global Issues Conference (GIN).  This events exemplified the collaboration of teachers with each other and with students.  It further exemplified how students collaborated, researched, created PowerPoints and used “soft skills” to present. I learned about music in tyrannical societies, how and why Japan entered WWII, about Ethiopia other countries and cultures. I witnessed presentations stemming from artificial intelligence (AI) in theater, movies and advertisements to how algorithms may directly target or impact different groups of people unintentionally or even intentionally. The events were attended by so many of our community members. The only thing I was able to observe was my son presenting (he didn’t want me to hear).

It was definitely reflective of the great work the employees of RCPS do for Every Student Every Day!

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