Teach Children

Email To Staff

December 7, 2018

Good afternoon,

Last week I wrote about being champions for children.  At that time, I identified several of our colleagues as champions because they make a difference for our most marginalized and neediest students.  As I reflected on last week’s message about “Champions”, I realized that they really do something special. They don’t use crystal balls to gain insight about their students. Neither do they possess super powers nor wear capes and masks. They don’t teach better than the rest of us. What they do is teach children not content.

Well, this week I write about teaching children not content. Now don’t get it wrong we do teach content but we teach children that content.  Too often we talk about being a science, math, or literacy teacher. We talk of preparing young minds to be productive global citizens. We talk of teaching primary or intermediate school. We discuss how every student has a different learning style. But somewhere we fail to constantly talk about teaching children.

We have to constantly talk about teaching children (Every Student, Every Day!). We don’t get to pick which ones we teach, we teach children. We have the blessing to teach the precious children that their parents, grandparents or guardians send us every day.  We teach unique and wonderful children how to read, write and do arithmetic.  We teach children history, science and so many other things. We teach children no matter what their circumstances may be.

What we do is teach children who deal with the issues of life. We don’t know what they may be going through at home. Many times we have no idea what has occurred in their lives.  We need to teach children because too often they spend their young lives dealing with trauma.  The children we teach live with the trauma that poverty brings.  The children we teach live with the pain and hurt that physical, emotional and sexual abuse bring. The children we teach live with the trauma that abandonment causes.  The children we teach are the children of parents with drug and alcohol dependency issues. The children we teach are the children of incarcerated parents.

Yet, the children we teach are absolutely beautiful, amazing and intelligent.  We teach Every Student, Every Day because we don’t know who sits in our classrooms or schools. We don’t know which child may grow up to find the cure for one of the multiplicities of cancer.  We teach children because we don’t know who will grow up to curtail global warming (yes, I believe global warming is real!). We teach children because we don’t know who may identify sustainable life in the universe. We teach children to dream and then become their dreams.  To quote one of our colleagues, “We’re educators. We’re born to make a difference.”

Therefore, we teach children content and teach Every Student, Every Day! If you don’t believe that it’s possible to teach ALL children, then why do you teach? Here in Rutland City Public Schools we teach children!

Every Student, Every Day!